Tools and approaches for managing content, accessibility and web identity at scale

Get to know Jeremy before he presents. Learn about the first website he built for his chemistry teacher and what his wapuu would look like.

Universities publish a lot of content on the web! It’s not uncommon for there to be thousands of domains and millions of pages. As a central web group, how do you keep up with it all?

This session will share some of the approaches that Washington State University has taken in managing its web presence. And with each approach, this session will share the open source code that powers it!

You’ll learn about how we introduced a centrally hosted web framework and the steps we’re taking to replace it with a new iteration to keep the university up to date with the latest web standards. We’ll walk through how we’re addressing an OCR complaint and improving accessibility across the web at WSU. And I’ll talk about how we’re able to safely make changes to many pages at once for the sites that are hosted with our central WordPress Multisite installation.

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