So, you redesigned your website… Now what?

Stanford Law School launched a completely redesigned website in August 2015. But as you know, new websites are never done! There’s always room for improvement: incremental UX enhancements, feature requests, upgrades and content strategy.

We’ve spent our time since then making sure that everything stays up-to-date and our internal clients are happy. We’ll share what we’ve learned along the way, and things that have worked well for our small team:

  • Mastering our content strategy using campaign blueprints for key pages mapped to the academic calendar.
  • Training 300+ content editors with a combination of online tutorials, quizzes and office hours.
  • Migrating and turning off rogue sites to streamline offerings and retain institutional knowledge.
  • Keeping in touch throughout the year with our key stakeholders to gather feature requests to add to our roadmap.

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