Workshop: Finding eternal REST: An undead guide to building JavaScript front ends for WordPress

Get to know John before he presents. Learn how he got started on the web, who he follows on Twitter, and why he loves the WordPress REST API.

Shuffling along with the same old web interface? Moaning about how slow it loads? Watching your audience rot away yearning for features you just can’t implement in PHP? Fight those zombie interfaces with the faithful WordPress baseball bat back end and a double barreled shotgun of JavaScript. We’ll take a look at the WordPress REST API and how you can use it to power websites, mobile apps and one day maybe even your fridge.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to find human resistance cells and/or WP REST API’s in the wild
  • How to set up your own human resistance cell and/or WP REST API
  • How to give zombie interfaces the business end of the WP REST API
  • How to saw off/modify the WP REST API for your own zombie fighting needs

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